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CFO Services


Since 2000, we have been providing CFO services to early stage, venture capital-backed companies, and rapidly growing companies. Our team can fill a need at the right time for a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO / controller.  While the needs of a CFO will change over time, the early stage company will require this expertise to help navigate through certain strategic decisions that will certainly have a future impact as the company scales. We are intimately familiar with the unique needs of these developing companies.  The TJ Edwards Group is able to build processes and cost effective systems, and constantly adapting to our client's changing needs through the growth cycle. When the time is right, we can seamlessly transition the client to a full time resource.


We strive to become an integral part of the management team, and take pride in our ability to connect with the CEO and team as well as investors alike.


Tactically speaking, we place emphasis on cash flow management, forecasting and budget monitoring.  We are expert at forecasting and assisting in the determination of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business.  We utilize our proprietary Dashboards to measurement trends and performance.  

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Outsourcing the CFO


Many articles are written on when it makes sense to outsource the CFO.  We believe that for early stage companies, this decision is relatively straight forward.  


Early stage companies require a certain skillset in their CFO.  The TJ Edwards Group can provide the needed CFO expertise at a fraction of the cost of the full time resource. This is particulalry beneficial if they are anticipating venture capital financing.  


The TJ Edwards Group can engage quickly and hit the ground running.


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Early Stage / Rapidly Growing


The TJ Edwards Group is typically first contacted when a company is in preparation for or immediately after a VC round.  We are adept at engaging quickly.  Our clients can expect any of the following during the early stages:


  • CFO expertise at the right price

  • Venture capital fund raising support

  • Board Meeting prepration

  • Forecasting / modeling

  • Cash runway analysis / monitoring

  • Bank financing

  • Cap Table analysis

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Project Related Support


Our team is seasoned and highly skilled in operations and finance.  We can assist as a temporary solution in a critical business need. Examples include:


  • Financial modeling / budgeting

  • Pricing analysis and modeling

  • SaaS metrics (LTV, CAC, Churn, etc.)

  • Management dashboards

  • Board preparation

  • Audit support (incl. SSAE 16)

  • Sales tax consulting

  • Accounting systems implementation 

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