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Our proprietary Dashboards have been designed specifically for CEOs and management teams of early stage companies. Our dashboards are particulalry useful in tracking key performance indicators and for reporting to investors and board members.  


The dashboards also are a very useful presentation format for displaying a level of sophistication not normally seen with early stage companies.  This can have a favorable impact on the financing experience and enhance the results. We have first hand experience and success with this process using these tools.


The Dashboards are designed to track financial data, sales activty, cash flow / run rate, operational and SaaS metrics, to name a few. While the existing metrics and veiws were developed to provide management with useful near real-time data with which to make decisions, the Dashboard was also designed with the Board members and venture capital investors in mind.  

Executive Dashboard
Cash Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
SaaS Dashboard
Financial Dashboard
On the go

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