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Financial Advisory Services


TJ Edwards Group is committed to providing a broad range of financial advisory services.  Acess to working capital is always a high priority for a growing company, and our focus is on maintaining appropriate cash flow as well as developing strategies to best position a company for venture capital financing or an M&A transaction. This process often starts informally on day 1 of a business as strategic decisions made can impact an ultimate outcome. The TJ Edwards Group will assist in analyzing financing options and determining which is best, assessing the advantages & disadvantages of different types of sourcing, attracting investors, and posturing and preparing a company for a transaction.    

Tom Edwards - Keynote NJTC 2014 - CFO
The Exit - TJ Edwards Group
Equity financing


The TJ Edwards Group has helped close many eauity financing rounds.  We are often engaged to assist a startup with their first Venture Capital financing.


We are ready to assist in this process which may include any combination of: 


  • Financial Modeling

  • Capitalization Table prepration / review

  • Operating and Revenue forecasts

  • Investor Presentations

  • Building the cap table

  • Use of funds analysis

  • Preparation of due diligence materials

  • Analyzing / negotiation terms sheets

  • Coaching the team on an as-needed basis


Debt Financing


We have worked with several banks including venture banks.  As part of our service, we are prepared to seek debt financing.  Many of the venture banking institutions will lend based on the venture capital relationships, so obtaining this financing shortly after an equity raise can be advantageous (while cash on the balance sheet is strongest).  The TJ Edwards Group can assist with: 


  • Venture debt financing

  • Traditional Bank line of credit - AR borrowing base

  • "MRR" line of credit for SaaS companies

  • Gov't EDA grants / financing

  • Banking compliance



M&A (due diligence & exits)


In addition to CFO services, we have deep expertise with transaction support.  This includes:


  • Preparations of presentation decks

  • Presentation to invesotrs / acquirers

  • Transaction modeling

  • Term sheet review / negotiation

  • Due diligence support 

  • Waterfall" analysis for shareholders

  • Closing




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